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I’m going to PARIS! PARIS, FRANCE!

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I had to say France because as seen by the above, the closest to Paris I’ve ever been is the hotel in Las Vegas with my friend Reese.

I’m going with my lady-wife Jess VanLue who is a soul-mate kind of friend and one of the best traveling companions I know. We’re leaving in one month and one day and I couldn’t be more excited! Both our birthdays are in April and we decided to majorly treat ourselves. Normally I don’t post about upcoming trips but I’d really love to know if anyone has any great tips for us – things to see and do that may be off the beaten tourist path. We only have a week, but we’re staying in the heart of the city and bringing our cameras. (I know. I NEVER take my camera. This must be big!)

Thank you so much in advance for any wisdom that you can share!

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  • Jess VanLue - AHHH! How did I miss this post? 27 days, wifey! Vous voyez à paris!

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