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I’m baaaaaaack!

Whew! Let me just say this: two weeks is a LONG time to be on vacation. Or rather, a long time to be with the same people every hour of every day. LOL!
We had a great time, but I think all of us were glad to get home and have some personal space again! It’s been a bittersweet return however. My dog Ollie decided he needed to chew up my SD card from my point and shoot camera. That’s where I had all of my snapshots from the cruise, the ports, and most importantly – Disneyworld! I had some great photos of the girls meeting all the characters, and some hilarious footage of them dancing with Mickey Mouse, and finding out we were going to Disneyworld instead of home. Luckily, I did take one of my bigger cameras, but I didn’t really use it much, except for scenery pics. I’ll share them here with you now though.

Our first stop was in the Dominican Republic. We went to a little island called Cayo Levantado. There are no photos to show you, but that’s ok because all we did was swim and get sunburned like Canadians are apt to do, lol.

Next up was St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. Our actual port was St. Thomas, but we took an excursion to St. John to Trunk Bay. It was honestly one of THE best experiences of my life. The small beach had powder white sand, and there was a coral reef within swimming distance, so we swam out and saw the most amazing and beautiful fish. I was desperately wishing for underwater housing for my camera, but it was also nice to just be in the moment instead of always trying to capture it.

Here’s Trunk Bay from the road above:
trunk bay, st. john

The beach:
trunk bay

Charlotte playing on the beach:
charlotte on the beach

After the beach we went to downtown St. John and had some yummy Mexican food. I loved it there, all the buildings were such fun colors!

The next day was a trip to the British Virgin Islands – the island of Tortola. We took a bus tour all around the island, on some extremely windy and narrow roads.
dave on the bus tour of tortola

I swear, at one point I was ready to jump out of the moving bus! I was really glad we did it when we reached the top of the island and saw this:

It was like being at the ends of the earth. So peaceful and beautiful. After we had a short stop at the top, we wound our way back down the island to stop at yet another gorgeous, but crazy crowded beach. I think that’s where most of the cruise guests went.
tortola beach

At the beach, we tried a Jamaican beer that was pretty tasty:
jamaican beer

And Emma enjoyed a virgin daiquiri:

emma and her daiquiri

Charlotte was just happy to be there:
charlotte happy

The next day was my birthday, and a day at sea. I mainly relaxed on our balcony and read, then we had dinner with our friends Lena & Ted at an Asian restaurant onboard the ship. Her kids were quite impressed with the loonies and toonies I gave them – never seeing crazy money like that before!

Our last day was to be at Norwegian’s private island, but the ocean was too choppy for the tender boats to take us over, so we had another day at sea instead. More reading, eating and relaxing. And maybe a few not-so-virgin daiquiris.

Then it was off to make the drive to Orlando. Google maps says 3 1/2 hours from Miami. It took us 5. We were all very excited when we got there, and immediately went to the Magic Kingdom. My girl Emma is 5. You would not believe the rides she went on at Disney! She did Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and . . . the Tower of Terror! Poor kid’s legs were shaking after that one, but she was just soooo proud that she did it. Don’t tell her, but I’m even too chicken to go on it!

We stayed at Pop Century, in the 50’s wing:

pop century

Charlotte loved Mickey’s Toontown, where she finally got to meet her idol – Mickey Mouse. No photos though. (insert sad face here)

Then the poor thing caught a pretty nasty cold, which just knocked her out:
sick at disney

Most of the rest of the trip was a blur of rides, and people, and lines, and people, and swimming, and rides, and eating. Most of the photos were on my point and shoot, so they are lost forever. I did however, take my other camera on the Safari at Animal Kingdom:



We also spent a lot of time at the aquarium at Epcot:

the girls at the aquarium

Charlotte finally started feeling better, yay:


And I actually got ONE photo of them with some characters, double yay:

On our last day, Emma wanted her face painted. They have all these examples of girly things you can get: princesses, kitties, fairies, etc. She goes for the photo of the boy as a leopard. LOL:

emma as a leopard

Then Charlotte decided she wanted her face painted too. She chose Tinkerball, as she calls her. I thought there’d be no way my 2 year-old ball of energy would sit still for the face painting, but she showed me!
charlotte as tinkerball


Finally it was time to leave. I had a great time, but more importantly, the girls had a WONDERFUL time – trying new things like snorkeling, having cookies with the captain of the ship, going on crazy, scary rides, and meeting all sorts of new friends. I’m so glad to be home though, and so happy to be back to blogging. I’ve missed it!

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  • Patti - Welcome back! It looks like you had a blast… fantastic imagery.

  • Dawn - Welcome Back! Great pictures…totally makes me want to GO. You don’t have Red Stripe in Canada? Emma is a brave girl, those are some scary rides!!! Glad you had a nice vacation!

  • Jenna - You poor thing losing your pictures! I would want to cry! But seriously, what a fun vacation that sounded like!! And so beautiful! I am jealous!

    Your girls are adorable with their faces painted!

  • Shelley - Awesome pics…that’s to bad about your SD card! Looks like perfect weather…niiiiice …beach

  • Angela - Great pix! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  • Shonda - Awesome!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!

  • Brandi - Wow, it looks like an amazing vacation!! The photos are beautiful!

  • maria - looking at these photos makes me want to get away!! sucks about the sd card but the photos you do have are sweet =)

  • allie - get OUT of here – these images are beyond AMAZING!!! Each one tells such a fantastic story- truly- beautiful!!! so glad you had a lovely 2 weeks, glad you are back!

  • Danna - oh sweet pics!!! thank you for the little journey into your vacation, you were missed and I am glad you are back…can’t wait to hear more details.

  • Terrilyn - Awesome images! What a fun vacation you guys had, I almost feel like I was there!

  • Carmen - OMgosh! Soo jealous! Beautiful pictures and trip. Sorry about your SD card..

  • Lauri - Well Happy Birthday! Looks like it had to be a great one! The locations look heavenly.

  • TaraMc - Wow Brandy, what a fun trip! Love all the photos. Sorry to hear about the others. 🙁

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