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I love this crew!

Chantal has been a client since Jack was first born, and we’ve actually developed a friendship because she is so sweet and I see them so often. I love when she books a session because not only do I know that we will have a lot of fun, but that the family will have the most amazing outfits!

Here’s a little sneak peek from their mini session at Baker Park. I especially love the black and white image because if you look at it closely, Jack got everyone’s attention by asserting his independence but Madeleine can hold a pose like nobody’s business!

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  • Lisa - Love the 2 girls in the tree, Brandy! Great job!

  • chantal - I love you Brandy!!! These pictures rock! My favourite is-wait there is no way I can pick a favourite but I do love the Hammer Time with Hurricane Jack–no kidding that this is an action shot as you had to chase him through Baker Park-seriously that is more difficult than a CF wod. YOU ARE THE BEST XXX

  • Danna - Super cute family and LOVE the one of Jack “asserting his independence” lol I have one of those too.

  • chantal - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURES! You are the BEST BRANDY! Love the Girls and you truly captured Hurricane “Hammertime” Jack with that action shot. I have to tell you that chasing Jack around Baker Park for those pictures is tougher than any CrossFit Workout I could throw at you! Thank you so much. XXX Chantal

  • Patti - Great pictures. The color, scenery, expressions that are caught on their faces.

  • Patti - Great pictures.

  • Stephanie - I love these!!

  • Sandra Marshall - Great shots! I especially like the one of the girls in the tree,although you’ve “captured our Jack” nice work.

  • Stephanie - beautiful!

  • Ron - Great pictures, look like my grand children, luckily they are.

  • Ron Marshall - Great pictures, look like my grand children lckily they are.

  • arlene - I like maddies and alexandra’s blue eyes and Jack’s moves how cutie the girls are and Jack oh what a boy and soooo handsome too!

  • Steph - Love the photos!!

  • Freia - Looks like a fun photoshoot! Lovely results!

  • Sharon Perin - What beautiful great nieces and nephew we have. Wonderful pictures. Absolutely priceless.

  • Kristie Chadwick - What a fun session. The family picture with the grumpy baby is priceless! I love it when you can capture real life!

  • Melynn - Too Beautiful!….Pictures are a view into ones heart…this family has beautiful hearts….Amazing pictures

  • Addie - These are gorgeous!

  • Carla - Beautiful family and wonderful photos! You are so gifted at capturing people Brandy!

  • Anie Pelletier - Love the pic’s my friend…makes me miss you and your family even more then I already do. Especially love the “holds a pose like nobody’s business” Mad and handsome hammering Jack looking chic in his white shirt. Love you…xoxox

  • Alison Lassiter - These pictures are darling! I love the b&w, too. Adorable portraits. What great memories these will be 🙂

  • Debra Theberge - I just love all the photos…they capture the vibrancy of this fabulous family!!!!Nonna and grandpa want a copy of ALL the pix!!!!!!xoxoxo

  • Gabi - Love the “temper tantrum” b&w one! That would so hang in my living room if I be that family!

  • Corey - Beautiful family! Love the ones of the sisters together!

  • PamN - That “tantrum” just rocks. Hard.

  • Grandpa T - What a beautful family…can’t wait to see you in person!!!!

  • Kristel - Auntie K- What a gorgeous family! Should be on the cover of Vogue! xox

  • fenderbirds - nice article, keep the posts coming

  • Anie Pelletier - Chantal-Beautiful family, beautiful pic’s…I especially love Jack having a bit of a melt down and Mad holding that pose, the two girls in the tree and Jack styling the white shirt…makes miss you even more then I already do….love you.

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