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I love the shy ones

These little sweetheart was SO shy when we first met. I’ve been accused of being too loud (shocker, I know), and every time I’d open my big mouth, she’d cover her ears, LOL!
She was completely adorable, and she melted my heart. What really made the session special was that by the end of it, I think I had cracked her shy exterior. I got lots of smiles and giggles and it was one of those sessions that made me realize I could never do anything else but photograph children for the rest of my life. They are amazing.

20+ comments will get this wonderful family a special gift.

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  • Jennifer G - Awwww…love her pigtails!! What a little cutie!

  • tina - so sweet!

  • Suzanne - The pigtails…the tights…the boots…the skirt…she’s sssoooo adorable! I cannot believe how much she’s changed since the last photos of her that I saw!

  • J & T - Thanks Brandy! You really did break through with K & after only a very short time – you definitely have a gift with children as she’s a tough nut to crack!

  • Rita Lemery - Great Pictures of J. She is really in her own elements in the outdoors. What a cutie.

  • Brittany Redfern - Kalyssa is so adorable! I love the pigtails and she is so cute in pink! 🙂 Great pics!

  • Brittany Redfern - Kalyssa is so adorable! I love the pigtails and she is so cute in pink! 🙂 Great pics!

  • Alana Constance - Abolutely adorable pics! Love the one of Kalyssa throwing up the leaves…!

  • Cyril Pratt - Little baby “K” looks so cute! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics..she looks so happy!

  • Deanna - So adorable, what a fabulous keepsake! You’ve captured the fun smile and the I’m mischievous smile. The leaf picture is so natural, so beautiful.

  • Thom - Her best photo session to date. Thank you

  • Michelle - These photo’s certainly captured her energy and spirit which can be well hidden at times behind her coyness – not to mention her absolute charm, great work.

  • Cathy Cormier - She is her momma’s girl!!

  • Rachel - These are great! You can tell she has such a personality! I don’t know which is my favorite – the first one or the one where she’s throwing the leaves.

  • Samantha - Very cute! I love the picture of her throwing the leaves up in the air.

  • Suzy - I love the 2nd to last one, these photos are awesome, and you can see so much of her personality in them!

  • Lyndsay - Beautiful pictures! K is so adorable!

  • kristina - absolutely adorable! =]

  • Jess - She is so adorable, and those little boots are just cute!

  • Amy - Love these photos!

  • BrandyD - Those are some beautiful pictures! What an adorable little girl!

  • Caroline C - What a cutie!!! I adore the picture with the leaves. Such a doll!

  • Bri Guy - These pics are the most precious treasures that you will ever have.

  • Judy - What great shots of Kaylissa! She looks like she was having a great time!

  • breanne - she is too cute Janita…I hope you get your free print!


  • Marion Finkbiner - What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Auntie Wendy - What a great photo shoot!
    Kalyssa is so cute!

  • Jose - The photos are beautiful

  • Samantha - Cutie pie!

  • Marilyn Will - What a little cutie! Just like her Mom — right!? These are wonderful moments to treasure always.
    Talk soon.

  • Grandma Linda - You’ve captured some of her wonderful personality! Especially loved the leaves picture.

  • Janine - Awwwww she is so cute! Very nice pictures, how old is she?

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