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I am addicted

I have a dirty little secret. Every night after everyone goes to bed, I creep downstairs and . . .

play Mario Kart!

Mario Kart Wii

I’ve been playing with one of my best friends who unfortunately lives in California. The Wii is so awesome though, we can play Mario Kart against each other online.
She’s been kicking my booty, and even went easy on me tonight by picking Donkey Kong and his big slow car. So I need practice. And what with shooting, editing, kids and family, I’m forced to sneak around in the dark late at night like a junkie getting a fix. So if there are any other Wii addicts, come on out of the closet! We can unite together, and maybe some of you can give me some tips. LOL.
Hey, it could be worse. I could still be addicted to Guitar Hero.

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  • Danna - haha too funny, I used to sneak the kids gamboys after they would fall asleep and play for hours……they would snottily remove them from my bedside evey morning…geesh!

  • Anna Mayer - Ha ha ha! True confessions. 🙂

  • Meggan - Oh!! This is on my list to buy! I am thinking of getting it for my dad and my husband for father’s day gifts. Better get them bought now before I forget!

  • Katie - Too funny! We just got this and have been playing it a lot too. I’m definitely getting better. I love the wheel! I haven’t played anyone online though! That’s pretty cool.

  • Sarah - My husband has been begging me to get this…hmmmm…maybe I should! I never got in to Guitar Hero..I stunk at it! 🙂 That side of my brain doesn’t work!!

  • Deanna - hahah…thats SOO not what I thought you were going to say…hehehehehhe…

    we suck, we dont have a WII or a playstation..nothing…

  • Season Moore - Ha! We just got a wii last week and I have been to darned busy to get addicted!!

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