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Hi, I’m Brandy Anderson. You might remember me from . . .

One of my best friends is a PR Girl-extraordinaire. Every single time I win an award or get featured in something, I almost cringe waiting for the email from her to come in.
“Why haven’t you posted about it?”
“You need to sell yourself, girl!”
“Why haven’t you mentioned it YET???”

Now don’t get me wrong, it gives me all sorts of great pleasure to have nice things said about me, to be featured somewhere and to win awards. But writing about it is a totally different story. I don’t really know how to do it with out feeling like a big annoying show off.
We are taught as kids to be humble (especially us Canadians, eh?) and that it’s not really nice to sing our own praises. When you are a small business-owner though, it kind of becomes part of the job. If you don’t tell people how awesome you are, who will?

So here goes. Deep breath. And before you all think that I am blaming this on my awesome PR friend Reese, I should let you know that I do like attention just a teensy bit. Or I wouldn’t have a blog. Or a Facebook page. Or probably be a very good photographer. So you can leave comments for me if you like. It will probably make me smile like a goofball, kind of like I did when all these other things happened.

Cool Thing #1
I won a couple more awards! The National Association of Professional Child Photographers recently had their first International Image Competition. I snagged two first place awards, and let me just say the competition was fierce! There were many beautiful images and I feel very much in good company with the other winners. It sounds cheesy to say, but it is a really amazing honour to be regarded highly by my peers.
Check out the Image Competition here!

Cool Thing #2
The same great organization asked me to be their featured member this month, and I got to talk lots about myself, show some of my favorite images and even give a peek into my office.
You can read the spotlight on the NAPCP site and find out maybe something new about me.

Cool Thing #3
I was also featured last month in the Shootsac newsletter. Shootsac is a great product that I love, and if you’re my client you’ve probably seen me with it at our outdoor sessions. It’s a lens bag that has interchangeable covers, and I swear I am addicted to buying those darn covers!
They probably just featured me because of all the money I’ve spent with them! You can read yet another interview with me if by chance you are not already sick to death of what I have to say, lol! Shootsac July Newsletter

Cool Thing #4
Back when I won the WPPI Fresh Faces contest, I got a congrats from Mompreneur magazine. They asked if they could put a little blurb in the magazine about the win, so that came out this past month too.
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Cool Thing #5
I was asked to photograph a number of families for the Alberta Children’s Hospital – a place near and dear to my heart. I spent last Thursday photographing some of the cutest and most inspiring kids you will ever meet. It was a HUGE HUGE HUGE honour to be asked to this, and it was incredibly humbling and uplifting. I will share more about this on the blog later on, but I had to mention it because it was such a special day.

Cool Things #6 & #7
Boo, I can’t talk about them yet because they haven’t fully happened. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I will just say that I promise to share with you all as soon as they do.

Just a couple of last things to mention. I’ll be away for most of September, I’m going to ITALY and I’m VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! What that means for you though, is that I am booked up for most of the fall already. I have a couple of spots during the long weekend and a couple in October, and will also be doing two days of mini-sessions this year to help try to fit everyone in. The first date will be Sunday, September 5th and the second date is Sunday, October 3rd. Hopefully one of those dates will work for everyone. I’ll be putting the appointments up on the blog this week, but newsletter readers get first crack, so make sure to sign up above if you want in!

Also, I’ve been super swamped this summer with some really great clients. I’ve fallen behind a bit on the blog, but I promise there are lots of sneak peeks to come VERY soon! Thanks so much for your patience.

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  • Shannon - You’re SO FREAKING FAMOUS! Congrats! Spectacular images and all the recognition is very much deserved!

  • Audrey - CONGRATS! So well deserved!

  • gina - see my Justin Beiber/12 year old girl analogy was valid! I can’t believe I know you 😉 LOL way to go you deserve it all!

  • Lisa - Girl! You so deserve every bit of that love and attention! Congratulations on everything and I can’t wait to hear about #s 6 & 7!

  • Michelle Stone - CONGRATS!!!

  • Miranda - I think it’s fabulous to toot your own horn. My goodness, you are a very talented woman. Celebrate it! You are one of the few people I know who make me still have faith in Calgary from an artistic stand point. You show me it’s possible to stand out and march to your own drum in a city full of conservative cowboys! You bring such joy and beauty to this city. Thank you 🙂

  • Nancy - so awesome!!! toot toot toot away, you’ve MORE than earned it :0) the prints from our long-ago shoot are honestly one of my most prized possessions…they are waaaayyy up there on the list of things I’d grab in a fire…LOL! and so much respect to you as a self-taught artist.

  • brooke bowland - well you go on with your amazing self! big congrats to you girl…so well deserved. enjoy every second!

  • ashley mcnamara - if anyone deserves all the cool things that are happening it’s you. you’re an awesome person inside and out and I can’t wait to see you in september!

  • Tobi - Congratulations!! You are awesome… I am so proud to have you as a friend…See you in a month…Yeah!!!

  • Erin Z. - Is #6 & 7 that you’re expecting TWINS?! Ha! Kidding. I’m so impressed! Keep it up!

  • Karen Skoretz - It’s always so much fun to hear about your achievements and to see your new photos! Congratulations on everything. PS – whenever I need a uplifter I often visit your website because it just makes me smile and happy! Always have loved your work.

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