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Happiest Baby on the Block – calgary newborn baby photography

This little man was so awesomely sleepy, it was a dream come true. He was completely content to let me move him all around, pick him up, put him down. Babies are pretty sleepy when I do newborn sessions as I try to always do them within the first two weeks of life. But most will wake up at some point, and sometimes stay awake until we pull out all the stops. This little guy only woke up once, and that was to try to shake his fist at me to tell me to let him go back to sleep. (see below, lol)

Thanks for a great morning mom, dad, grandma and baby! And thanks to the auntie for purchasing the gift certificate for the session! Enjoy the sneak peek!
calgary newborn photographyPin It
calgary newborn photographyPin It
calgary newborn photographyPin It
calgary newborn photographyPin It

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  • Terrilyn - Oh my, your newborn skin tones are just PERFECT!! What beautiful images you’ve captured for them!

  • Micki Harper - OMgosh, I love the texture/color from that blanket….just draws the eyes towards that cute baby and just …. I dunno… makes me stand back and say ‘Wow’. 🙂 What lens do you use for the close up??? oh those are awesome!

  • Brittany - Oh I just adore baby hair! What an absolute sweetie

  • andie - Oh that first one is stunning! And yep, he looks like he is shaking his fist at you at the end! so funny!

  • Mark - I love that first shot! 🙂

  • Tera - What a gorgeous baby! I love the closeup 2nd image, the newborn fuzzy shoulders and those lips are just beautiful.

  • Lisa Kelly - These are so lovely, esp the clarity and detail. Loving the closeup, perfect.

  • Anna-Karin - Gorgeous newborn portraits!
    What a sweet little baby. I love all the details in these, from the small lanugo hairs on the arms to the little lashes.

  • Kristie Chadwick - What a sweetie. I love these. The close up of his face is perfection.

  • Angela - So beautiful! The second and third shot are TDF….but they are all wonderful!

  • maria lang - oh wow! gorgeous!

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