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I know most of you have probably already heard about and may have even used them for business cards. But the way to use Moo’s products don’t just end at business cards, people are using the stickers and cards in so many unique ways. They’ve just put out an AWESOME idea book to showcase just some of the ways people are using Moo.

I’ve been using Moo for some cool uses of my own for the past year. Because my business name is not my actual name, I need to find ways for people to associate my own name with Fresh Sugar Photography. One of the ways I do it is with a Moo sticker on the bag of each print. I signed my name using my Wacom and made it into a cute little sticker. This way I am letting my clients know that they have purchased one-of-a-kind artwork, and I am also keeping my own name in their minds, as well as my business name.

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I use the Moo MiniCards as a way to incorporate new faces into my portfolio. I made “you’ve been spotted” cards to give out anytime I see a child or family that I would love to photograph. They are cute and fun, and a less-creepy way of saying “Are you a model?”.

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I also ordered sets of cards for myself and Danna before WPPI. At $19.99 for 100 cute little cards, it was the perfect solution for small run needs. The cards are seriously yummy, so thick and sturdy – you won’t believe them until you see them. Plus, you can have 100 different images on 100 different cards. So cool!

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So if all of this hasn’t convinced you to give Moo a try, then how about a discount on your first order? Moo is generously giving our readers 15% off their first Moo order. Use code 2RB2CK at checkout, and anxiously await your order! You’ll love their packaging too, totally cute!

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  • Jennifer - This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to give them a try. Thank you!

  • Robyn Oakenfold - I love this site, I’ve been meaning to make an order through them! Thanks!

  • Leora - What great ideas!!!

  • Geoff Ball - Nice Brandy! Those are great! Thanks for spreading the info!

  • Shannon S - LOVE These this is next on my list of ‘must haves’ now to design them! LOL

  • Shelley - You’ve reminded me that I wanted to use them for mommy calling cards. I never seem to have a pen/paper on me when I meet a mom at the park or such, and keep meaning to order a ‘business’ card. :0)

  • Tracy Larsen - Love all of these great ideas!!! THANK YOU for sharing! Going to make some stickers now… 🙂

  • Amy Hoogstad - Looooooove these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, and for the great discount!

  • Sarah Anderson - OOOOh, perfect! I need some business cards!! Thanks!

  • Tennille King - OK OK – I need to get off my butt and order these. I’ve been meaning to check them out for ages now…can’t wait!

  • Ashley Gillett - I love how you present the photos in a mat. Do you do this for all of the prints? Where do you get the mats. It looks so special! Thanks!!

  • Katelyn - I love cards! I wanted to get stickers, but it doesn’t look like they offer them under products? Is there another way to get stickers?


  • Brandy - Ashley, I mat everything 8X10 and under, everything else is mounted. I get the mats, backing and clear bags from
    Katelyn, The stickers come from the UK shop – so you need to look there to order them.

  • Julia Franzosa - These ideas are so great! I really want to start incorporating some of them. Thanks so much!!!

  • Leah Wood - Thanks for the code I have never used them but did hear lots of great things about them. Loved, your idea about you’ve been spotted, totally make it easier to approach people without freaking them out.

  • Sarah Anderson - I love these cards Brandy!! Great idea for the “you’ve been spotted” I LOVE it!!

  • MetroGypsy - LOVE my Moo Mini Cards! And these inventive ways to use the products are fantastic!

  • Tammi Spruill - Love your idea about “you’ve been spotted!” Very cute and clever! 🙂

  • Stephanie Belton - Thanks for sharing! I love the signature stickers what a great idea

  • Sarina Gito - This is an absolutely informative and handy post. Thank u so much. I specially like your way of using the mini moo cards…which i have not yet ordered but now i will because it is indeed a less creepy way of asking someone if they model..hehe. thank u for that. never thought of it myself ..this is a solution to that issue for me.

    Moo is fantastic.. i love their service.
    Thanks for the code….it will most certainly be used…on my MINI MOO CARDS!!. =)

    oh yes…and beautiful work you have up here. =) cheers!!!

  • Tracy Kyle - Hi! I am in love with your little signature stickers from moo! I use moo stickers for my photobiz as well…my question is where do you get the clear sleeves for prints as shown above and the mat inside? I’ve been searching for the clear ones and can’t find them anywhere!


  • college paper - You are truly very talented if you did those cards by yourself. I really want to receive this card from you ^_^

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