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Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long . . .

I think this is the longest I have EVER spent away from the blog! I planned on doing some updates while away on vacation, but alas, no internet to be found except on my iPhone!
So be prepared for a whole gaggle of blog posts in the next little while. I have a TON of sessions that need sharing, as well as a gazillion photos from the past two weeks of vacay. (And yes, we passed through Chilliwack)

First up is an awesome family that I am just getting to know. This is the second of 4 sessions we have planned for this year. I think I may just move in with them by the end! I love my clients, and love them even more when they love me back!

Little Natasha is a whirlwind of activity and excitement. She’s also used to being in front of the camera as her mom likes taking lots of photos. So she liked to pretend that I wasn’t even there. LOL!
That’s ok by me, we got some great lifestyle stuff and it was a gorgeous afternoon. Can’t beat my job!
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I have no idea what was happening here, but it made me giggle and think of some old 50’s horror movie. Like the Blob was coming to get them. Possibly even Killer Tomatoes.
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Who better than Mommy to comfort you after a big pavement wipeout?
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  • marie - that first one is my fav,…great color and she is so cute

  • Anna-Karin - These are so much fun!
    I love the blue walls, just gorgeous and makes your portraits just pop!

  • benna - beautiful! especially love the 2nd one!

  • Shelley - It was killer tomatoes, I swear! haha Love them!

  • Terrilyn - Aw, I adore the one with her snuggling on Mommy after falling down, such a perfect mommy moment captured. Beautiful color and clarity in your images, well done!

  • Lisa Kelly - These are all so fun, vibrant and full of colour, just divine.

  • Tera - I love her big dark eyes, what a doll! Beautiful images, I love all the colors. And the one over mom’s shoulder is priceless.

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