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Gone, Baby, Gone

It’s with a sad face and fingers that I type this post. Can fingers be sad? You betcha, if they’ve spent the last few weeks creating the most awesome website ever!

My brand spankin’ new site is gone, unfortunately my website company had a server malfunction today and several of their sites were deleted – mine being one of them. The timing of course could not be worse, as today was the big unveiling. I know many of you were able to see it for a few hours and left some super sweet comments.

My husband says I must have been a serial killer in a past life because I have such very bad luck in this one. Anyway, what’s done is done, and what’s gone is gone. My website company is frantically working round the clock to restore the missing sites, but all the data and images are gone. They are fabulous people with a wonderful company though, and I know that they are just as upset about things as I am. They will be doing everything they can to restore things as soon as possible.

So what does this mean? For those of you that have yet to see the fab new Fresh Sugar, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, unfortunately.
I have some sessions to edit and then am off to Victoria this weekend. When I return next week, I will be hard at work (again, lol) recreating the site for all of you to see. For those of you that did get a chance to see it today, thank you for visiting, and hopefully the memory can tide you over until we are back up again. is back to the old site so you can still see all the info you need to, and you can be sure that I’ll be making another huge post when the new site is back up.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.



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  • Reese - Bummer. I didn’t even get the chance to see it first!

  • gina - aww thats really crappy!

  • domenica - Oh no! 🙁 It was so beautiful. Looking forward to when it re-launches. A lot of hard work indeed.

  • Robyn Oakenfold - Oh Brandy, that is really sad. But hopefully wont take you as long the second time because you know what you did, but that is a lot of work to redo. It was beautiful.

  • Alisa - Oh, that does suck. I know how much time and work goes into putting it all together. It’s so sad you have to do it over! It was awesome, and it will be awesome again!!

  • myla t. - oh nooooo!!! i saw it for a jiffy. . .and it looked really fab! sad for you. . .hope they figure it out soon!

  • Lindsay - Oh that really sucks!! Sorry to hear of your frustrations! Hope things are restored really soon… it is such an AWESOME site!!

  • Jennifer Pearson - Oh Brandy – you poor thing! That is such a big drag! Keep your head up. Can’t wait to see the new site!

  • Jenna - Aww I’m so sorry Brandy! It really was gorgeous, I was able to sneak a peek yesterday but didn’t have time to comment on how great it was. I really, really feel for you, sometimes technology SUCKS.

  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Oh wow, that’s awful – and I looked yesterday and it was fabulous and when I came back today there were no images – good luck with putting it all back together know it must have taken a lot of hard work

  • Treena O'Shea - That sucks Brandy! I checked it out and it was really really well done – beautiful! Hopefully all will be resolved sooner than later. Go enjoy a little west coast therapy this weekend!

  • brooke bowland - girl i am so sorry. i saw it….beautiful! i know it will be back up and running soon. i cant imagine how frustrating this is. sigh.
    on the victoria note…so bummed its this weekend…we are there next weekend! would have been awesome to meet up!

  • Nessa - OMG that is horrible!! I am so sorry!!

  • Beth - I’m sorry you had such rotten luck! I’ll be checking back to see it!

  • Corey Sewell - That totally sucks! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Chelsey | MachC Photography - How frustrating!!! I’m so sorry! Just means there must be a bigger plan in the works right? The universe works in strange ways!

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