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For the past few years I have been doing Giving is Awesome – where people can come and nominate someone they know for a free session and digital files from me. It’s someone who can’t necessarily afford custom photography at the moment, but would cherish it this holiday season.
I always get so many amazing emails from people telling me about truly inspirational families, it’s honestly one of my favorite parts of my job – being able to gift someone with a way to remember their inner and outer beauty all year long.

This year I am doing something a little different. When I was younger (a LOT younger) I worked summers at the Calgary Stampede in Kid’s World. The highlight of that job was that one morning every year the Stampede hosted families with special needs kids to the park before anyone else.
Honestly, after working day in and day out with kids who are hot, overtired, over-sugared and just plain frantic with delight with all the fun of the fair, this morning was a blessing. It was filled with happy, polite and grateful children who were such a pleasure to meet. It was a little more work, but gosh it was so worth it.

Now as a parent, I think about those families with kids with special needs. How difficult but yet how rewarding their lives must be. I think about how much trouble I have getting my two girls out of the house sometimes, and how those moms ever manage to get out the front door! Then I think about the average photo session at the mall or chain store and how hectic and stressful it is on a good day, and I think that there are probably some families who really need to use a custom photographer to capture their family how they should be.
Supermoms and Superdads and Superkids. That’s who I want to celebrate this holiday season.

If you have or know someone who has a child or children with special needs, please take a moment to send me an email to tell me about you/them. I’d like to offer a session and a complete DVD of digital images – a $3875 value. I want to come to you, to take as MUCH time as we need to capture your family and kids in a beautiful, happy, positive way. With no stress and no worries. Just happiness and you.

I really look forward to reading your emails. Giving is Awesome closes at midnight on December 23rd and the winner will be chosen on December 24th. You can email me through the website or directly at

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  • Cass Mooney - Lovely idea Brandy–and very generous! Can’t wait to see who the big winner is.

  • Danna - OK I teared up reading this. I LOE this idea and you are amazing for doing this. I am proud to call you my friend.

  • Nancy - AND….this is one of the reasons you are my favorite photog :0)

  • Kristie M Meyer - Brandy, that is so great! I know that as someone who has two special needs kids, getting portraits done is nearly impossible. Your style of photography is perfect for a family with special needs. The family who wins your package will be blessed indeed!

  • Kristie M Meyer - Brandy%2C%20that%20is%20so%20great!%20%20I%20know%20that%20as%20someone%20who%20has%20two%20special%20needs%20kids%2C%20getting%20portraits%20done%20is%20nearly%20impossible.%20%20Your%20style%20of%20photography%20is%20perfect%20for%20a%20family%20with%20special%20needs.%20%20The%20family%20who%20wins%20your%20package%20will%20be%20blessed%20indeed!

  • Addie - Awww man, I so wish we lived closer to you… we just adopted a little boy with Down Syndrome from Hong Kong and I really want family pics done but cant find anyone I like…

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