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From The Darkest Days . . .

I was having a bit of an off-week, lots of things went wrong, lots of weirdness. Then this past weekend, I had a couple of friends do very lovely things for me, and it made me think about silver linings, doors opening, and all those cliches.
Today while I was editing this session, I remembered what a crazy dark day it was. It was a weekday in September, and for whatever reason, it almost looked like twilight all day. This family has a GORGEOUS home, but like most other houses in the area, the windows are usually smaller and not very abundant. Which means some creative thinking on the natural light photographer’s part.

I think I spent about 1/2 an hour moving my stuff all over their house, trying the lighting in different rooms, finally settling on the floor by their bed in the master bedroom. I did my thing, and haven’t been able to look through the images until today.
What I remembered most was how dark that day was. But boy was I surprised – there are so many adorable ones, and the light looks just lovely! Sometimes from the darkest days you can really find some amazing moments.

Thank you so much Mom & Dad for your patience with this sneak peek! Enjoy these, there are lots more to come in your gallery!

And as usual, 20+ comments will earn this family a surprise gift! So make sure you leave a comment for them below!

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  • Beth - Stunning! Very creative and such lovely, yummy light.

  • Vanessa Falle - What a darling subject and honestly Brandy, you shouldn’t be surprised that you found such amazing light on even a dark day. You rocked this session (like always!)

  • Tara - What a little cutie! Lovely pictures!

  • Tanya Greene - Beautiful work, as always 🙂

  • Danna - so beautiful. Love that first one.

  • Addie - Awww – what a sweet little guy!

  • Addie - Awww%20-%20what%20a%20sweet%20little%20guy!

  • tamsen - these are beautiful!!!

  • Susan Sutherlin - The shots are beautiful and you would never know it was a “dark” day, thank you for sharing.

    Susan in California

  • Kristie Chadwick - Lovely images.

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