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Fresh Idea Twin Session

Back in February, the Fresh Idea was a call out for newborn twins. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and her adorable babies on Saturday. The babies were so content and happy, and it was a fantastic session.
These two little cuties were up for anything, and just so happy to be snuggled together. Twins are my new favorite thing, so definitely give me a call if you are expecting!

Calgary newborn twins photography
Calgary newborn twins photographer
Calgary newborn twins photo
Calgary newborn twins photography
Calgary newborn twins photographer

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  • kim - oh my…love that armful of babies. and #4…the bellies. awww….. beautiful captures!

  • Danna - awwwww, #1 is wonderful.

  • Anna-Karin - Awhhhhhhhh they are all so beauitful!
    I love when you can see them snuggle up with their arms around each other. So cute!!

  • Carrie Steffe - WOW…these are sheer perfection girl! What adorable babies, I would be buying them all!

  • Michelle Walker - These are wonderful! They are precious!

  • ritz rivera - I love to see twins all snuggled up…you did a wonderful job, these are perfect in every way…

  • Julie - Breathtaking!

  • missy - absolutely gorgeous interaction of two little beauties.

  • kathy wolfe - amazing!!! Love these and how you got them so snuggly!

  • Jenna - Oh wow, you did a wonderful job! I absolutely love 2 and 4 the best, but they are all beautiful!

  • allie - woah- brandy— i held my breath through these- they are beyond amazing………….. truly- amazing gorgeous work here.

  • Shellie Gansz - These are stunning! Just look at the smile you captured in #3…so sweet!

  • Meggan - What an adorable set of babies – love the one in dad’s arm – he’s going to be a busy man!

  • Daniela - Great job on these – these are truly photos to be cherished. The parents must be thrilled!

  • Mary Beth - Beyond precious!

  • --cherry - these are fantastic!! sooooo sweet 🙂 Lovin’ #1!!

  • Amy - How Precious! Best buddies for life!
    these pictures are absolutly Beautiful 🙂

  • Joyce - Oh so beautiful! I love seeing the lovely result of your initial idea. 🙂

  • Leah Profancik - Oh…they are sooo sweet! Beautiful work!

  • Teri Mason - These are awesome! I love the smile 🙂
    How old were these babies? They look just perfect!

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