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It’s always the highest honor for me when a gift certificate client comes back.
When someone else is doing the buying, you never know if the actual recipient is going to enjoy your style of photography.
I am very pleased to say that I think this wonderful family from Cochrane did!
It was just over a year ago when I first met them, and now here is their little guy so much bigger – and a LOT more expressive!

Yet again, 20+ comments will earn this family a cool surprise gift!

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  • Morgan - Such beautiful eyes!

  • tlaw - hahahaha the expressions are priceless! beautiful captures brandy

  • Michelle Stone - what a cutie! love his expressions too…the last one is my fave!

  • Danna - eeeeeek! he is the cutest!!! I honestly can’t pick my favourite expression…I think it would be between image 1 and 3 though.

  • ~SarahInParis~ - Super cute expressions indeed! Fabulous images of a gorgeous little man.

  • Alison Lassiter - Brandy, these images are beautiful! And that little boy couldn’t be any cuter 🙂 Love the way his face is scrunched up in the last photo!

  • Addie - Awww – he is so cute!

  • Tara - Awesome job Brandy! I love it!

  • Annie - CUTE! Love the last one!

  • Cindy Young - Big beautiful eyes like his daddy. Great Pictures.

  • Ethel Burt - Wow. what fun filled expressions. Such handsome and happy features.

  • Lindsay - That’s MY nephew!!! I couldn’t be more proud … 🙂 The pictures are ADORABLE and they capture his personality perfectly. Beautiful job Brandi!

  • Lindsay - oops Brandi should be Brandy … sorry!!!

  • Lisa Woodworth - Oh man! SO CUTE.

  • Elizabeth Peters - I love his expressions…too cute!!

  • Julie Young - Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Griffin is sooooooo cute! Uh-mazing pics!

  • Megan Bungay - Julies cousin is soooo cute!The pictures are amazing.

  • Frank Hayden - Excellent photos! You’ve caught some of Griffins personality in them. Of course, I may be a tad bias since he is my beautiful nieces son. Keep up your great work!!!

  • Erin Dayhaw - Love that first one!

  • Kay - Absolutely adorable! Priceless expressions! Excellent photography!

  • Tara - Oooh I get to be #20! Love the expression in the first picture!

  • Tara - Oh! I get to be #20! I love the expressions!!

  • Dave hayden - Griffin has got to be the apple in Granma and Grandpa’s eyes and the rest of us look forward to the next time we see him

  • Colleen Hayden - Beautifully captured expressions of our one year old Griffin! Thank you Brandi.
    Grandma Hayden

  • Terry Hayden - These pictures capture Griffin’s personality– a very proud Grandpa.

  • Julie - Great pictures. Griffin sure is expressive! Very cute!

  • Julie - Great pictures. Griffin sure is expressive! Very cute!

  • julie - ahhh, these are all great!! What an expressive kid.

  • Kristie Chadwick - What a personality! You captures these perfectly.

  • Dan Burt - Love these.

  • Dan Burt - Two years ago.

  • Lisa Robinson Lee - Adorable!! <3

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