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Elf on the Shelf

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Tomorrow marks when our Elf on the Shelf makes his reappearance! Elvin always graces us with his presence on December 1st, and usually is quite clever with his hiding places and scenarios for the first week or so. Then he kind of runs out of steam and it looks like he has a hard time finding some new things to do.

So I decided to start a Pinterest board to help him out – There are tons of ideas on there – I don’t think he will run out of ideas all month! If he does – it’s probably because he’s just really, really tired these days.

PS – I did it! I posted every single day for the month of November! And guess what? I think I might try it for December too! I had so much fun doing it, thanks to all who read all month.
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  • Katie @ Freckled Latte - Yay us!! We made it through NaBloPoMo! I had fun posting everyday and totally thought about doing it for December, but then I remembered that I get all crazy stressed with school events and holiday gatherings. I’m taking it easy with the blogging in December, but then I think I’m going to blog every day in January. You all have one of the good elves! Ours is always late to arrive and he gets creative maybe a handful of times, but mostly we’re just lucky if he doesn’t fall asleep on the job and end up in the same place the next day! 😛

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