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I’ve been seeing a lot about choosing a word for 2014. Something to inspire you, something to motivate you, something to anchor you.

I’ve decided to try this approach and easily chose DREAM for my word. Maybe I should have chosen PLAN, or FOLLOW-THROUGH, because those are definitely issues I face daily, but DREAM really spoke to me. I’ve been feeling at a crossroads of sorts for a couple of years, with relationships, with work, with home. Dreaming wasn’t really happening much, it was more just existing or getting through things.

With 2014, I’ve decided to focus hard on happiness, success (or my version of it) and making my life into what I want it to be. Which means a lot of dreaming. Focusing on those deep-inside wishes and desires. The ones that feel scary and embarrassing to say aloud like that I’ve always wanted to write a book, or that photography is changing and I haven’t changed with it in a way that I feel good about. Or how about that I wish almost daily that there was a way that I could make Pinterest my job because I am so nuts about it, still, years later. Or that attending a BlogHer conference is on my bucket list. Or how is this for honesty, I don’t like teaching – I’ve tried it and it makes me horribly uncomfortable, but I love helping people, answering questions, I like talking to people about photography, and I love love love new photography products, packaging, design, blogs, paper and pretty things and I think it would be such a cool job. I’ve also always wanted to go to Greece – it’s the number one place on my list, yet I have never seriously looked into going. Why the heck not? What am I waiting for?

It’s not exactly a mid-life crisis but I’m not exactly getting younger, either. If I don’t starting thinking or DREAMING about the life I want, it’s just not going to happen, plain and simple. I have both regrets and accomplishments from these last few years and I will have more in the next few. I guess with this word for 2014, I’m just trying to make sure that I keep on my own path and not anyone else’s. And as cheesy as it sounds, I really do believe I can make a lot of my dreams come true. Once I figure them out.

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  • jen wilson - Wow Brandy, I could have honestly sat down and wrote your entire post WORD-FOR-WORD – its like you crept into my head and eloquently put all my jumbled up thoughts down….weird! Here’s to DREAMS – big ones, little ones and crazy-ass ones – hope they come true for us both this year!!! Happy 2014! xo jen 🙂

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