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Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

Today you are 10. It’s been an entire decade of knowing you, of loving you.
Today you got a got a guitar, a camera and a tripod. The three things you wanted so very much.

You are my first child, my biggest hope, my largest dream.
You have always brought so much happiness and laughter into my life.
You are funny, sidesplittingly so. It thrills me to be able to laugh every single day because of you. I love laughing.
You are so articulate and have such very high standards. And while I hope that at some point you will be easier on yourself, I always know that you will do nothing but your best at anything you try.
You are cautious, wise and yet still curious. You are brave enough to stand up for yourself and others, I’ve witnessed this and have been so proud.

You are talented in so many ways, art, music, the movies you create. I’m so impressed by your work ethic – you are such a good role model, not only for your younger sister and peers, but for me as well.
You have a casual sense of style and you don’t care what others think. I strongly hope that this never leaves you, you are such an amazing person, don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

In less than another decade, you will be grown. An adult. Hopefully in university, but maybe traveling the world. I know that you will still have your deep abiding love for animals, your compassion for this planet and its inhabitants.
I know you’ll still be quirky, still be genius-level smart. I know that there will have already been parties and boys and a lot of firsts. I’m praying you won’t have any tattoos, please please wait on that. I hope that we are close, and that you and your sister are even closer.

Whatever and wherever you are, you will always be my heart and my hope – my better than I could have ever been – my lovely, lovely daughter.

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  • Colleen Wray-McNichol - So cute!

  • Rizalyn Reyes - This was amazing an ha be all teary eyed. Happy birthday, Em! We love you like crazy!

  • Tara Scott - That video cracks me up! Happy birthday Emma!

  • Rizalyn Reyes - I just realized how horrible my typing was below. But I was so teary and typing so fast!

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