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While this month’s theme is MAKE, I haven’t been able to really make anything! Which brings me to crocheting, a hobby that I took up a couple of years ago but haven’t really been able to advance in. I can do a mean granny square at this point, but barely anything else! And to my shame – I have literally only completed ONE project so far. The rest are all works in progress. I get about halfway through and start to lose interest, so I go looking for a new pattern or go out and buy new yarn. It’s a sickness! Right now I am working on three different blankets for Max, and really should finish at least one of them. Instead, I will probably go over to Pinterest and search out new crochet pins.
I really got excited about the crochet mood blanket, where I was making a square every week with the colour of my mood. I think I made it two months. I have a ton of half-finished projects around here, and I think one of my goals for 2015 is to finish more of them!

If you are a crochet’er I would love to hear about some of your favourite patterns and projects!
Leave a comment below!

crochet projectsPin Itcrochet projectsPin Itcrochet projectsPin Itcrochet mood blanketPin It

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