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Crochet Mood Blanket

Ah, the wonderful world of Instagram. Due to my love of documenting all things that happen to me, I’ve been able to participate in some really neat things lately.
The first is the Crochet Mood Blanket. My grandma used to crochet all the time, and I remember learning enough as a kid to chain, and that’s about it. Recently my good friend Laurel taught me a little more than that, and I was hooked. HAHAHA.

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing Instagram and stumbled upon the hashtag #crochetmoodblanket2014. I get a little obsessed with whatever I am addicted to at the moment, so I was dying for all things yarn and crochet. This project however, is a big commitment for me, a whole YEAR of crocheting. Some people are actually doing a granny square a day – there’s no way on earth I’d ever be able to do that, so I’m going for once a week. The gist is, you choose colours to represent various moods, and then you use that colour for your mood during that day. (or week)

Because I am relatively new to crochet, I chose a very simple granny square, and I’ve now memorized the pattern and can even crochet while WATCHING TV! (Crocheting has a lot of counting and paying attention to what you are doing, so this is huge for me, lol)

I’m LOVING this project, and have been looking forward to the weekends so I can bust out my granny square. There are some gorgeous patterns out there, I love looking through Instagram (at last count there were 11,715 photos) at all the beautiful designs people are doing. There’s also a Facebook group for the project that has over 4000 members! If you crochet or even want to learn, I’d highly recommend giving this a try – it’s easy, fun and not super time consuming, unless you want it to be!

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