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Covers, covers, covers! *insert crazed laughter here*

Calgary child photographer gets shootsac covers

This one’s more for the photographers out there that are reading. Lookie what came in the mail yesterday!
My 4 new Shootsac covers, one of which is the limited edited Jessica Claire – and I am sooooooo in love with it.
The others are Festive, Well-Rounded and Blackout. I already have Giddy, Baroque and a blue one that isn’t on the website anymore and I can’t remember the name of it.
Ok, yes. I *am* a little obsessed with my Shootsac covers. But they are so pretty! And the Shootsac is SO useful! So it’s the best of both worlds. Really, it’s like my economic duty to be buying these.

Alberta photographers in wedding dresses

Just for fun, here is a lovely photo of me wearing my Shootsac. This was taken by the awesome Danna Bowes last summer in Sylvan Lake. My partners in crime, looking oh-so-stunning in their wedding dresses are from left to right: me, Andrea Hanki, Deanna Hall, and Ashley Skjaveland.

As I was typing this blog post, I went to the Shootsac site and what do I see? A brand NEW cover that was NOT there last week when I placed my order.
And considering it costs me almost $50 in shipping and duty to Calgary – I doubt that I will be ordering again anytime soon.
But go and take a looksee at Calm. Isn’t it pretty? Ahhhhh. I’d almost be calmed by it if I didn’t keep thinking how much I wanted it. Breathe in. Breathe out.

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  • Stacy - ha ha Brandy you are so silly! Great shot! And the covers…well a girl has to have choices!

  • Merav - You have quite a collection of covers (but then again, they are awesome).
    I love the photo of you Northern Girls and I can’t believe that you all still fit in your original wedding gowns…

  • ChelleL - Wow! You have a lot of covers! LOL Great image! I know I’ve seen it before but it’s fun seeing it again. I actually bought my first shootsac this week and got it yesterday. I love it so far but I didn’t get a cover (duck) I wanted to make sure my cheap self loved it first.

  • diana simpson - i am so jealous! love the ones you got and that photo made me smile!

  • Desiree Hayes - You picked out RAD fabrics!!

  • chantelle bliss - lol seems link you have a bit of an addiction starting here! They are gorg, I can see why!

  • Heather Gibb - Girl that is a crazy collection of darling covers!! You always are doing the fun photo stuff!! Workshops, bags, etc!! I think that’s why you stay so FRESH!!! You’ve got amazing style!
    OK the baby shots down below on the chair are FAB!!!

  • Joyce Smith - You crack me up, Brandy!!!! Love it!!!

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