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Christmas comes this time each year

Whew, what a hectic couple of days!
I managed to sneak out this morning for some Boxing Day shopping at Holt Renfrew, (Merry Christmas Brandy, Love Jimmy Choo) and now I’m back on the computer to proof some more sessions. I’ve been so crazy busy lately, I haven’t blogged as much as I’ve wanted to, I have tons of sessions that I haven’t shared here. Maybe my New Year’s resolution will be to be a better blogger? 😉
I hope everyone had very, very Happy Holidays and you all got what you wished for. My girls cleaned up like bandits, but I really need to buy more for the baby and less for the 4 year old. A bit of a lopsided Christmas here due to Second Child Syndrome. (ie, she gets the shaft, lol)
I’m just going to quickly share a few from some recent sessions, and more in the next week as I try to catch my breath!

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