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August means better.

I have a short blog post to hopefully explain my SUPER long absence from the blog and email! I went to upstate New York for two weeks in July for my beautiful, person-i-tell-everything-to, talented friend Amanda. I was able to spend some amazing quality time with some of my closest friends, making

What I did in Vegas (part 1)

I have to make this a two-parter so I don’t overload you all with photos. While in Vegas, I went to a place called the Neon Graveyard with a group of photographers. It’s a “museum” where all the old Vegas signs go to die. It’s honestly one of the most awesome places

A wedding in Red Deer

I assisted my good friend Deanna Hall on a wedding yesterday in Red Deer. The day was absolutely beautiful, the couple was gorgeous, the wedding party fun and relaxed. It was a beautiful ceremony, and it touched me beyond words to see the groom have such an emotional reaction to seeing his bride

Jesh De Rox . . . well . . . kinda rocks.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Edmonton Jesh De Rox workshop. I met some wicked cool Alberta photographers and one awesomely talented Torontonian. Is that what they are called? I found myself being moved without meaning to, inspired by things totally unexpected, and came home to a

A wedding in Stettler

My super good friend Deanna of Deanna Hall Photography invited me to come and be her second shooter at a wedding this past weekend in Stettler. She let me roam around time with the groomsmen before the ceremony, and I know that they thought I was extra crazy when I told them we were going to the

Photography Tip O’ The Day

I’m going to be adding a page on the blog soon for photographers, but here’s a tip for moms and photogs alike. If you take a look at your photography, either in your scrapbooks, photo albums or even your digital files – you may notice that they all look similar. If this is case,