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These Kids – Calgary Children’s Photography

I have known these little ones since before they were even born, I was fortunate enough to meet Warren and Carla for their maternity session for the twins. Since then I feel so very lucky to be able to visit with their family year after year, from home to home. Carla was even so sweet as to give me

Two Bigger Monkeys – Calgary Child Photography

A bigger blog post is coming as this was actually a newborn session for their new brother, but I just had to show how grown up these lovely ladies have become! THEN: NOW:

Just One This Time – Calgary Maternity Photography

4 years ago I met this super fun couple who were about to have twin girls. The images from their maternity session are some of my most favourite to date. I was ecstatic when I got the email from them that they are about to have another little love join their family!

Alberta Children’s Hospital – 2011

This year was another full day of meeting the most amazing kids around. Each one had their own spunky personality and a light in their eyes that was difficult to miss. If you are ever looking for a worthy organization to donate to you, I strongly urge you to consider the Alberta Children’s


Intimate. Isn’t that a word that just invokes so many feelings. You can be intimate with someone, you can have an intimate wedding, a concert can be in an intimate setting. This was the word that kept popping in my head when I was editing this maternity session. The gorgeous mom-and-dad-to-be

What I did in Vegas. (part deux)

As I mentioned, I went down to Las Vegas for WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. The conference has a trade show, a ton of classes, parties, everything. One of the main things is a 16X20 portrait competition. It’s always been so fun for me each year to walk

Just gotta pinch those cheeks!

Just a teaser today, this was from my last session of 2008, last week. Two beautiful babies, with squishy, pinchable cheeks. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is my last post on the blog before the big MAKEOVER it’s getting. It’s actually almost done, but my

Pregnancy becomes her

I see lots of beautiful pregnant women, and they really do have a glow. But I have to say that this particular mama-to-be had something extra. She was radiant. And carrying twins. I did not know that the two things could possibly go together, because I would certainly be tired and crabby. But Carla


I just love these people. Truly. I loved hanging out with them, they are awesome at joking around and being at ease. And now they have two new little people who are going to grow up as relaxed and sweet as they are. Oh, and they’re going to have cool taste like their parents too. PS

Little Apple Twins

Remember the twin maternity session with the apples? These are the little sweeties that came out of that adorable belly. I have tons more from this session to share, but I couldn’t resist to pop on and just post one real quick. I have friends that are twins, and one is much smaller than her

Twin Maternity

Haha! So more twins, but this time they are on the inside. Actually, they’re on the outside now, but these photos are all maternity. I’ll post the newborn session after it takes place. This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve had. Mom was absolutely up for ANYTHING, Dad was

Yes, more twins in Calgary!

Honest to goodness, I have to say I have NEVER in my life seen more twins than I have in the past few months. And I have TWO more sessions coming up with twins. Holy moly! I think it’s because I used to live with twins when I was in university. I have this sympatico. Actually, we don’t

Calgary is Twin City!

So here’s another set of recent twins I had the pleasure of photographing in Calgary in June. Sam and Cole were born at a shocking 29 weeks and have been home from the NICU for just a month now. They just hit their actual due date last week, and are doing so well and growing like little

More twins!

Lots of twins being born in Calgary lately! I have another twin session this week, and yet another in a few weeks time, provided they stay in that long! These little lovelies were so sweet and calm, it was such a joy to work with them. I love how twins are just so content to snuggle with one

Fresh Idea Twin Session

Back in February, the Fresh Idea was a call out for newborn twins. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim and her adorable babies on Saturday. The babies were so content and happy, and it was a fantastic session. These two little cuties were up for anything, and just so happy to be snuggled together.