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Isn’t She Lovely?

I had the most awesome time with this maternity session last weekend. She was fun, vivacious and so willing try anything I suggested. Oh, and did I mention that she’s gorgeous? I had a rockin’ time with her and I can’t wait for the newborn session in April!

Win a $500 gift certificate!

For those that don’t get the Fresh Sugar newsletter (why the heck not? sign up at the top right of this blog) you might not know about the awesome contest the Babyvibe is holding. They are giving away a $500 gift certificate to Fresh Sugar, for the photo session of your choice! Are you

Pregnancy becomes her

I see lots of beautiful pregnant women, and they really do have a glow. But I have to say that this particular mama-to-be had something extra. She was radiant. And carrying twins. I did not know that the two things could possibly go together, because I would certainly be tired and crabby. But Carla

Mini Session Reminder

I am so excited about the amount of interest for the Urban Mini Sessions. Since so many of you have expressed interest, I wanted to tell you that time is running out! There is limited availability left for this exclusive offer. All of the morning sessions are now filled, and now there are only a

Twin Maternity

Haha! So more twins, but this time they are on the inside. Actually, they’re on the outside now, but these photos are all maternity. I’ll post the newborn session after it takes place. This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve had. Mom was absolutely up for ANYTHING, Dad was

Remember me?

  I’m baaaaaaaack! It’s been a very long two weeks, as you probably have noticed! The website, blog, ordering software, email – all of it went down two Fridays ago, and it’s just finally today that everything is back up and running! I’ve changed the website for the

Love isn’t limited to weddings

It was a real joy to spend a day taking photos of two people so much in love, as I did on Saturday. Little did I realize that I am doing this with all of my sessions, I maybe just didn’t notice it before! As I edited these images yesterday, I was literally moved to tears at some of the tender

Something’s coming

That’s the title I immediately thought of when I saw this photo from a recent maternity session. Whether it’s the baby or the storm, I’m not sure! I fell in love with these two at their session, they are so full of love and adventure. I had a super fun time that afternoon, and

What do you get when you cross pregnancy with an interior designer?

The coolest location to shoot maternity portraits! Stacey and Chad have one of the most fab homes I’ve ever had the pleasure of having a session at. Each room was so fresh and unique, I made them take photos in almost every single room in the house! It was a blast, and I cannot WAIT to go

The green chair

I had the best maternity session over the weekend, I really had so much fun – the mom and dad to be were funny and sweet, and had the COOLEST stuff! I fell in love with this green chair that they bought for the baby’s nursery – so much so that we were joking that maybe I needed

hot . . .

There’s a country song by Trace Adkins that kept coming to mind while I was editing these images. I’ll let you guys figure out which one. (No, it’s not Honky Tonk Badankadonk – LOL) This mom-to-be was absolutely stunning! It was a quick and easy maternity session a few


In recent ads, I used the phrase belly=beauty, and never has it been more evident than during this session.The lovely mom-to-be just had a radiance about her, and it sounds cliched, but she really did glow.She looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to meet her new little one. It’s been