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Her First Mother’s Day – calgary maternity photography

It was my absolute pleasure to meet this couple a few weeks ago for the maternity session for their upcoming arrival. I love getting to do a maternity session before a newborn session because it gives me a chance to get to know the mom and dad, and for them to feel more comfortable in the camera.

The Tooth Fairy – calgary child photographer

It’s been a big couple of years for my daughter Emma. Started school, making friends, learning to read. But the biggest thing for her has been losing her baby teeth. Her friends started losing their in kindergarden, and so the countdown begun. Murphy’s Law said that of course she

This Is One Active Family – calgary family photography

This family and I had a bit of trouble coordinating our schedules! We rescheduled due to their youngest feeling under the weather, and then Mom and Dad were off to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. (yes, they were at the Gold medal hockey game, and yes, I am very jealous). We finally

Claire’s Going To Be A Big Sister – Calgary maternity photography

I absolutely love this family! I’ve been able to photograph their first pregnancy, Claire’s newborn session, and then she was one of my little models for my March of Dimes shoot. It’s such a delight to come back and help document this new little baby’s journey as well! I

Calgary Baby Blogger’s Baby

Try saying that 10 times fast. A couple of weeks ago I was excited to head off to my newborn session, because the Mom was my daughter Emma’s first grade teacher until she went on maternity leave. Emma absolutely loves her, loooooooooves her, so I knew she was going to be super sweet. What I

Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner – calgary boudoir photography

It may feel like Christmas just ended, (ok it *did* just end) but it’s time to think of Valentine’s Day. It’s coming up fast and we are having ONE special weekend for boudoir photography. It’s being held at the Hotel Arts in Calgary on January 22nd and 23rd and all prints

I Love This Age! – calgary baby photographer

This was my third session with this family this year, and I love them soooooo much. They even gave me Buttercream Bake Shoppe cupcakes to take home with me! (Note to clients – this is not a plea for baked goods. Actually, maybe it is.) I loved seeing little Izzy now that she’s getting

Giving is Awesome!

You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances. You know someone who can’t afford custom photography, but who

Eye Smiles – calgary children’s photographer

If you watch America’s Top Model, you will always hear Tyra talking about “smiling with your eyes”. It’s an important skill for a model to have and these kids have mad “smizing” skillz! LOL I loved meeting this loving brother/sister duo. They were SO sweet to

Oh my goodness – calgary newborn photography

I am just so in love with this family! They make super, duper adorable kids. You first saw big brother here at the maternity session. Then I got to meet little bro a couple of months later at the newborn session. Mom and Dad are super sweet and very hands on parents, which I love, and it really

A Love Story – calgary newborn photography

I absolutely loved meeting this couple and their little man. I loved hearing about how they met, (he was working at the SPCA, she was coming in to adopt a cat). I loved seeing them both with their new baby boy. I loved the cozy feeling of family that I got while visiting – it was Thanksgiving

Make it Work – calgary newborn photographer

Moms of two kids are busy people. I especially appreciate them taking the time out from their busy schedules to book sessions with me. This family is going through some big changes, a new baby and a big boy in a new preschool makes life tough sometimes, but this family is handling it all with grace

Fall . . . was here! – calgary child photography

I love seeing my clients again and again! The last time I saw Tyson, he was just 3 months old! Now here he is again, a big boy at 3 years old! We had a great morning at the park, enjoying the one day of fall weather Calgary had, lol! This family had tons of style to spare, I love Tyson’s hair

The cutest little girl – calgary children’s photographer

Back before there was snow everywhere, and we could still wear shorts in September, I had a fun afternoon session with this little cutie and her mom. We met at a park near downtown Calgary, and had fun throwing rocks in the river, swinging, and playing model. I’m not exactly sure what my

Gorgeous family – calgary bear photographer

I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous Sunday morning with this lovely family. We walked around Kensington here in Calgary, and just had a fun time laughing, posing and putting their baby on the ground in several different spots, lol! It’s such a fun part of my job to be able to connect

Love is all around us – calgary family photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family a couple of weekends ago. It was a hot, bright sunny day, and their home was absolutely stunning. The family of three was gorgeous, and everyone was dressed perfectly. But what I really noticed, and what really struck me – was not how beautiful

My favorite kind of session – calgary maternity and family photography

I had a devil of a time making myself limit the images to share on the blog. This family was so fun, so loving, so awesome that I can’t stop editing! It was one of my favorite types of sessions – summer evening! I think I’m in love with this little man, I want to marry him off to

The little session that could – calgary child photography

3rd time’s a charm for this session, as we had to keep rescheduling it due to Calgary’s less than stellar weather this summer. The night we did settle on finally though was gorgeous, I am so glad we waited! I had a great night of checking out a great new park by the river, and walking

Happy – calgary family photography

I had such a wonderful time with this sweet family a few weeks ago. They were kind enough to indulge my new video obsession, so I could make another “fusion” slideshow – that incorporates both video and stills from a session. I’ve had such a great response to this,

Something a little different – calgary family photography

I’ve been really excited about a new project I’m undertaking with Fresh Sugar. I want to make the Fresh Sugar experience even more unique, more personal. For the next little while, I’m doing a trial run with select families – and their sessions will have a slideshow that

Calgary Cutie – newborn baby photography

I just wanted to quickly put up a couple of this adorable little man. I’m trying to keep the blog going at a steady pace, I’ve got so many sessions and images to share, I don’t want to fall any more behind! I was just in awe of this newborn’s full head of gorgeous hair, and

Her Name Means Beautiful – calgary child photography

I was so pleased that I was finally able to photograph this session! Miranda contacted me back in October for a session, and it seemed like fate was conspiring to keep us apart, lol. One thing after another delayed the session, but finally on a beautiful June day, we got to meet! Her little cutie

Spoonful of Sugar Mini Sessions are BACK! – calgary family photographer

Mini sessions are back again this year due to popular demand. We’re upping the fun quotient by having them take place at Calaway Park! Each session will be 15 minutes in length, and include 15 images in an online gallery as well as a matted and signed 8X10 print. All our usual items will be

Coolest Baby on the Block – calgary newborn photography

I absolutely adore this family, they are funny, easy-going and are going to make THE coolest parents if this little baby’s closet is any indication. Thank you again for a wonderful day, and enjoy your preview!

Summer baby – calgary newborn photography

This family is geared up for summer. A brand new baby, an up-coming vacation and two older siblings that are full of life and energy. It was a (seemingly) rare hot day in Calgary when these were taken, and it made for happy, goofy kids and a pretty relaxed mom. Awesome, awesome session.

Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long . . .

I think this is the longest I have EVER spent away from the blog! I planned on doing some updates while away on vacation, but alas, no internet to be found except on my iPhone! So be prepared for a whole gaggle of blog posts in the next little while. I have a TON of sessions that need sharing, as

Little Devil – calgary newborn photographer

I was so excited to come back and do this newborn session, I think Mom is super fun, and we had a great old chat about eyebrow obsessions. LOL! She was great about trying out some new things, so we gave a new hat and a new baby sleeping bag a whirl. He is just too cute, and I couldn’t resist

Outdoor baby

This little newborn cutie is going to be a big fan of the outdooors I think, just like his mom and dad. I was excited when they mentioned that they were hoping for nice weather for the session so that maybe we could do some photos in their backyard. YAY! It was a beautiful day in Calgary, and baby

New family, new country!

I had the honor of photographing this family with their new member, recently adopted from Ethiopia. Even though he has been with them for a short time, he is so obviously much at home and very loved. It was such a fun session, their three-year old daughter is a total charmer, Mom has a great

New Man of the House

I bet Dad was feeling pretty out-numbered with his two sweet daughters and lovely wife. Now he’s got someone on his side when the bathroom wars start in a few years! This little guy was the ultimate in cuteness, he slept like a pro and had the sweetest expressions. What I want to know though,

hi bebe

I loved, loved, loved this client’s idea about incorporating the baby’s heartbeat into the session. Big brother thought it was pretty cool too. Another awesomely fun maternity session here in Calgary, as with so many of my clients, this family was up for anything. I can’t wait to

Look at that HAIR!

That’s all I kept saying at this newborn session. Take a photo, “look at that HAIR!”, take another photo, “look at that HAIR!”. I am so tickled by this handsome little guy, his hair is only a small part of his charm. Speaking of charm, I was especially impressed with

New addition

I was invited into the home of this brand new family to Calgary. Just getting settled in, and along comes a new baby! This little sweetheart though had the most good-natured disposition I may have seen on any newborn that I’ve photographed. Her brother (being a boy) was definitely not quiet,

Meet Blake

Today’s little newborn baby girl has one of the coolest name in Calgary. She also has the coolest mom, letting me try out some new things I’ve been wanting to do. Blake was so sweet for us, sleeping peacefully so I could photograph the full Angelina-pout. I was so excited to take a

Squishy little cuteness

I got to take a beautiful drive out to Canmore earlier this month to meet one of the squishiest little babies I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. She was such a happy little girl, I don’t think we even heard a peep out of her. Mom and Dad were such fun, and had lots of great

Coolcat maternity

This couple was so fun and cute! I absolutely adored their laid-back attitude, and the way the both giggled when I asked them where they met. I don’t think I’ve ever had a maternity session where the mom and dad to-be seemed more in love. I saw lots of loving looks and it was just