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After feeling really great about blogging every day in November, I fell off the wagon in December and January – December had a miserable pregnant lady and January had a sleep-deprived new mom. But February, February has a glimmer of hope – a little bit more sleep and a lot more

Mom Stays In The Picture

There’s a blog post that went viral this past week, written by mother and freelance author Allison Tate, entitled The Mom Stays in the Picture. It sums up perfectly what I tell my clients all the time, that even though you might not WANT to be in the photos, it’s more about your kids,


If you are even half the procrastinator that I am, you may sometimes find yourself looking at a daunting task and just pretending it’s not there. That’s kind of what happened with this blog: I realized that I hadn’t written in a month and stuck my head in the sand. Then one month

Thank You.

I just have to interrupt our WPPI series to write this post. I have been completely BLOWN AWAY by the response to My 25 Biggest Mistakes article. The amount of comments posted here on the blog, on Facebook, in message boards and to me personally in emails have been so amazingly powerful to me. It