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Gorgeous family – calgary bear photographer

I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous Sunday morning with this lovely family. We walked around Kensington here in Calgary, and just had a fun time laughing, posing and putting their baby on the ground in several different spots, lol! It’s such a fun part of my job to be able to connect

Fall is here and that means BUSY – calgary family photographer

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, and it’s only getting started! Fall is here and it’s the time when most families in Calgary think about portraits. I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately just because I have been SO busy, I’ve just been trying to catch up!

Love is all around us – calgary family photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family a couple of weekends ago. It was a hot, bright sunny day, and their home was absolutely stunning. The family of three was gorgeous, and everyone was dressed perfectly. But what I really noticed, and what really struck me – was not how beautiful

The little session that could – calgary child photography

3rd time’s a charm for this session, as we had to keep rescheduling it due to Calgary’s less than stellar weather this summer. The night we did settle on finally though was gorgeous, I am so glad we waited! I had a great night of checking out a great new park by the river, and walking

Fall is filling up fast! – calgary family photographer

Fresh Sugar is almost completely booked on weekends until October. There is actually only ONE spot left, the afternoon of September 13th. The next available weekend date is October 11th. If you want a family or child session (I can always fit in newborns) this year in time for the holidays, I

Happy – calgary family photography

I had such a wonderful time with this sweet family a few weeks ago. They were kind enough to indulge my new video obsession, so I could make another “fusion” slideshow – that incorporates both video and stills from a session. I’ve had such a great response to this,

Gorgeous – calgary maternity photography

It was so great to meet Jen, we were both really excited about her maternity session. She had a great selection of outfits, and I had a fab new backdrop I was dying to use. She was the perfect guinea pig, because she is absolutely gorgeous! Her son is such a cutie and was full of energy! I love,

Something a little different – calgary family photography

I’ve been really excited about a new project I’m undertaking with Fresh Sugar. I want to make the Fresh Sugar experience even more unique, more personal. For the next little while, I’m doing a trial run with select families – and their sessions will have a slideshow that

Her Name Means Beautiful – calgary child photography

I was so pleased that I was finally able to photograph this session! Miranda contacted me back in October for a session, and it seemed like fate was conspiring to keep us apart, lol. One thing after another delayed the session, but finally on a beautiful June day, we got to meet! Her little cutie

Spoonful of Sugar Mini Sessions are BACK! – calgary family photographer

Mini sessions are back again this year due to popular demand. We’re upping the fun quotient by having them take place at Calaway Park! Each session will be 15 minutes in length, and include 15 images in an online gallery as well as a matted and signed 8X10 print. All our usual items will be

Coolest Baby on the Block – calgary newborn photography

I absolutely adore this family, they are funny, easy-going and are going to make THE coolest parents if this little baby’s closet is any indication. Thank you again for a wonderful day, and enjoy your preview!

Summer baby – calgary newborn photography

This family is geared up for summer. A brand new baby, an up-coming vacation and two older siblings that are full of life and energy. It was a (seemingly) rare hot day in Calgary when these were taken, and it made for happy, goofy kids and a pretty relaxed mom. Awesome, awesome session.

Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long . . .

I think this is the longest I have EVER spent away from the blog! I planned on doing some updates while away on vacation, but alas, no internet to be found except on my iPhone! So be prepared for a whole gaggle of blog posts in the next little while. I have a TON of sessions that need sharing, as

New family, new country!

I had the honor of photographing this family with their new member, recently adopted from Ethiopia. Even though he has been with them for a short time, he is so obviously much at home and very loved. It was such a fun session, their three-year old daughter is a total charmer, Mom has a great

New Man of the House

I bet Dad was feeling pretty out-numbered with his two sweet daughters and lovely wife. Now he’s got someone on his side when the bathroom wars start in a few years! This little guy was the ultimate in cuteness, he slept like a pro and had the sweetest expressions. What I want to know though,

This is why I shouldn’t buy expensive lip gloss . . .

One of the first things that comes up when someone talks about my blog to me is Charlotte and her ability to get into everything and anything. It makes people feel happy that they are not me. LOL I get a lot of “I would be so mad, it’s so awesome that you take pictures instead!”.

Enchanted Events

My daughter Emma had her 6th birthday party atEnchanted Events last weekend and she says it was her best party ever. I think so too, since I didn’t have to do a thing, not from make the invitations, plan the games, or clean up after! My idea of a perfect party! The “fairies” there

March for Babies Commercial Photography

Last May I was approached by the March of Dimes to do some commercial photography work for their March for Babies campaign. They came to Calgary from New York to oversee the shoot, and several of my clients volunteered their babies for the project. The March for Babies walks are now taking place

New addition

I was invited into the home of this brand new family to Calgary. Just getting settled in, and along comes a new baby! This little sweetheart though had the most good-natured disposition I may have seen on any newborn that I’ve photographed. Her brother (being a boy) was definitely not quiet,

This kind of thing happens a lot.

Just one that tickled my funny bone from the session I was editing tonight. Even when you see the most tender, most loving sibling image on the blog or website – know that there are 5-10 more images just like this one. Hey, I don’t blame her – I’m not one for sharing the

The Ginger Kids

Oh, I love this family. I first met them a couple of years ago when their firstborn was a year old. I got to come back and see their new addition, who is now a year old herself. I love coming to their place because they have a cool sense of style and have some really funky furniture. They are

I love Calgary babies!

I’m back from Vegas with all sorts of cool things to show and tell, but first, I need to blog about this SUPERcute baby that I didn’t get a chance to talk about before I left. Her mom and dad bought the maternity/newborn combo, but then decided to wait on the newborn session until Kate

Off to WPPI in a couple of days

I’ll be heading out on Thursday to the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International’s annual conference in Las Vegas. I’ll be there for a week, and will most likely need a vacation once I am back home. A week is a long time in Sin City. I’d love to hear from any other

Win a $500 gift certificate!

For those that don’t get the Fresh Sugar newsletter (why the heck not? sign up at the top right of this blog) you might not know about the awesome contest the Babyvibe is holding. They are giving away a $500 gift certificate to Fresh Sugar, for the photo session of your choice! Are you


Just one sneak peek for today. I’m working on this family session from earlier this month, and should have more to share in the next couple of days!


I first met little Walker last year as a newborn, and this year Mark called me back to do a Father/Son session. With both of us having recent losses, this idea was especially poignant. What a wonderful gift for his son to have someday, to be able to look back and see how much love there was in

My yearly trek to Lake Bonavista

I say trek only because I live so far north we joke that it’s always Christmas here. Ahhhh, Calgary. I first met Carrie when she only had Matthew, but since then I’ve done a newborn shoot, her baby was a model for me for the March of Dimes, and now again we hung out to do a family

We got SO lucky

This is a wonderful family that has been with me since the very beginning. Teresa is a gorgeous mom who I am so fortunate to have as a client because she tells all her awesome friends about me. It’s been a fun group of ladies I’ve managed to meet, all thanks to her. We were all set to

love love love

I’ve said it plenty of times, and I will probably say it plenty more. I love love love my job. I really, really love it when I get to have sessions with the 6-8 month’ers. It’s my absolute favorite age, hands down. These little people have such big personalities and I get to have


I just love these people. Truly. I loved hanging out with them, they are awesome at joking around and being at ease. And now they have two new little people who are going to grow up as relaxed and sweet as they are. Oh, and they’re going to have cool taste like their parents too. PS

Fall in Calgary

Remember when the leaves were a golden yellow? When the air was crisp, but the sun was warm? Yeah, me neither. Apparently I have photographic evidence though, as this session must have taken place during those 3 days before it dropped below zero and all the leaves blew away, lol. It was the perfect

Little Apple Twins

Remember the twin maternity session with the apples? These are the little sweeties that came out of that adorable belly. I have tons more from this session to share, but I couldn’t resist to pop on and just post one real quick. I have friends that are twins, and one is much smaller than her

Urban Mini Session Sneak Peek!

Whew! I busted my behind to get these up before I leave for Vegas. (My flight is at 6am, which means I’m leaving my house at 4am – that’s just not right) I have lots and lots to say about the mini sessions down at Eau Claire Market, but I will try to make it short and sweet.

More gorgeous Calgary kids!

This was such a fun session for me! The kids were absolutely awesome, so fun and playful. Their mom was super fun too, we joked and giggled quite a bit during the afternoon. It was a beautiful day in Calgary, and I couldn’t have spent it at a better place.

Mini Session Reminder

I am so excited about the amount of interest for the Urban Mini Sessions. Since so many of you have expressed interest, I wanted to tell you that time is running out! There is limited availability left for this exclusive offer. All of the morning sessions are now filled, and now there are only a

The Baby Powder Incident

Something happened at the Anderson household tonight. While I was innocently trying to watch 90210, my children were being awfully quiet. I should have gone to investigate, but I couldn’t – Adriana was about to go and confess that the cocaine was really hers! That was a big mistake.