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Brotherly Love


After getting back from Vegas, I was fortunate to have two family sessions with the most FUN families!
The first had such an awesome home for my style – gorgeous white walls, furniture and linens. Heaven!
The two little boys were excited for Easter coming up and we had a blast being silly and jumping on Mom & Dad’s bed. (Them, not me, lol)
What was most awesome to see though, was how much these two brothers loved each other. They were constantly hugging and kissing, and it gives me hope that someday my own two girls will get along.
Maybe? Please? LOL

I’m extending the Wiggles contest until Friday – lucky you! I’ve had a lot of emails with the wrong answer, so I’m changing the placement of the secret word to a slightly easier place, although not too much as to be fair to those that have already found it.
So comb through and find that secret word (hint – it’s Wiggly) and email to me at to enter for your chance to win 9th row tickets to the evening show of the WIGGLES next week in Calgary!

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  • Angela - What a beautiful family! It looks like they had a lot of fun with you!

  • Anna Mayer - Boys, boys, boys! They such crazy little creatures. I love the life in these. Beautiful captures.

  • Leah - Brandy, I love your blog! And that family session looks like so much fun!

  • allie - what a BEAUTIFUL family, you captured them perfectly…

  • June - What fun family shots. Fabulous work in capturing those moments!

  • Carrie - What a gorgeous family and you captured their “life” wonderfully!

  • Tobi - The family must be so happy with these!! Wonderful colour and so much fun!

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