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I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite families this fall, they are just so much fun and so gosh darn NICE!
It doesn’t hurt that they are absolutely gorgeous as well!

While editing this session, I kept singing the Boomdiada song from the Discovery commercial. When I went to do a session for them last year, big brother just kept replaying the commercial over and over again on the computer.
It was his favorite thing to watch, and it’s awwwwwfully catchy! So now whenever I see them, I think of this song and vice versa.

Don’t forget, 20+ comments will earn this awesome family a cute little gift!

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  • Rhianne - awwe! He’s so cute! I love that commercial too 🙂

  • Shona - Beautiful family! Love this session 🙂

  • Ava - Gorgeous family! Love these photos!

  • Nicole - Love the pictures.There awsome

  • Angie Silljer - These are amazing pictures! What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lisa Kelly - These images scream happy fun family. Those boys are just divine, seriously those smiles have made me smile. Beautiful captures.

  • Antonio - I love you guys.

  • Glen Ambrogiano - those Pics are GR8…keep having more kids :-}

  • Victor - These are excellent photos! This is a perfect example of why we should love the whole world! Boom de a da!

  • Shannon - Love the pics! What a beautiful family!

  • Anita - Beautiful Pictures!!

  • Nonna Gina - Great photos and it doesn’t hurt that my grandson’s are gorgeous!

  • Lisa - What a beautiful family they look so happy

  • Dar and Rob - Fabulous pictures!!

  • Dar and Rob - cute pictures!!

  • Sandra Ambrogiano - Wow!!! How cute!!! Love to see more.

  • Tony - Amazing photos! What a happy family.

  • John - Wow! Those pictures are so sweet.

  • Rob - Amazing pictures.

  • Melanie - Beautiful pictures

  • Gino - Beautigul pictures! Beautiful people!

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