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I’m involved in a blog carousel with some other photographers. It’s a way for us to push ourselves creatively and have a little fun by allowing our readers to visit other blogs in the carousel.
Make sure to check out the link at the bottom of this post to continue on and see the other blogs that participated!

This month’s topic is Monochrome. I knew that the easiest way to do monochrome would be to turn a photo into black and white, but for some reason the word pink just kept shouting out to me.
I decided to try an idea that I’ve had on my idea list for a couple of years now, some sparkling sugar as lipstick. My daughter has the BEST lips so I knew she would have to be the model.
To keep with the monochrome theme, I painted her nails a glittery pink and grabbed my macro lens and off we went.

Looking at the images afterwards surprised me. My absolute favorite image for this idea was slightly blurred and the sugar crystals were a bit messier than I had planned. But I love it’s messy imperfection.

I also loved another image that I will also post, even though I chose to keep the color intact. I sometimes get images of Emma that just shock me. She’s growing up and fast.

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Visit Austin teen photographer and my friend Teri’s blog and to see her take on the theme!

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  • Indianapolis Photographer Leah Profancik» Blog Archive » Monochrome - […] hope you enjoyed my post and ask that you please visit the amazingly talented Brandy Anderson’s blog to see her vision for this month’s […]

  • Corey Sewell - So pretty! Love that first one and I think the messiness of the sugar crystals is perfect in keeping that childlike feel to it.

  • teri mason - wow, so gorgeous, Brandy! love that you did PINK (my fave) and your daughter is just beautiful!

  • amanda padgham - Ok I totally want to do this and have you photograph me:-). Can you please fly to Rochester today? I love this- and you even more!!!

  • Marmalade - Love the sparkly sugar theme, Ms. Fresh Sugar herself!! 😀 Love this with the lips – I love how her nails coordinated in their glittery pale pink!

  • Lauri - Now that’s Fresh Sugar! What a creative idea for girls who love glitter and sparkly things!

  • lisa m - So Yummy! That just about sums it up. 🙂

  • Julie - That first one is dreamy…that was the first word I thought and I can see why it was your favourite. What a great take on the monochrome idea! Love it!

  • Leah Profancik - Brandy, I love what you did! What a great interpretation of the theme and your daughter is STUNNING.

  • Anna-Karin - Great take on the theme!!
    My first thought was how perfect this image is incorporating the name of your business and the theme of this post.
    Your daughter is beautiful and the first image is stunning!

  • Simone Hanckel - These are so cute! I bet the temptation to lick the sugar off was really strong 🙂

  • Melody Hood - Incredibly creative! I love it!

  • Samara - OK how many times can I love this?! What a unique idea for the theme, its awesome!!

  • Ruthi - OMG Brandy I am literally IN LOVE with this. IN. LOVE.

  • PamN - I LOVE how this image straddles girlhood and womanhood – BRILLIANT!!!

  • Dena Robles - Sa-Weet! How did you do that? (and how did you keep her from licking her lips??) I am intrigued by the contradiction of child-like naughty and nice.

  • Danna - very sweet. love the pink!

  • Brandy - Thanks so much everyone!

    Dena, it was actually very easy – some sticky lipgloss and colored sugar on a plate. I just had her kiss the plate, lol!
    She was very good about not licking until we were done, but I did shoot fast!

  • alpana - so pretty in pink! love those sparkly pink nails as well!

  • Je Neuhaus - In my world you can rarely go wrong with pink in general and when it’s that sweet, well, it’s perfection! Love the sweetness of the idea and the color!

  • Katie Wrazen - Awesome idea! So creative! I love it! and you could totally use that for Fresh Sugar marketing!!

    Emma is So Beautiful!!

  • Mary Beth - Super girly and super fun! Your creativity is amazing.

  • Jennifer Pearson - Hey Brandy,
    So fun! Looking forward to our interview next week!

  • Anna Mayer - so girly and fun! What a cool idea for this theme.

  • Jim Davis - Love this idea and image!

  • Jaime F - That is outstanding and original. I love the use of light to highlight just the right spots on her face. The matching fingernails are a nice touch too. I enjoyed the photos, thanks for sharing.

  • Erin - So f-ing amazing 🙂  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!  Now if only I can get my daughter to do something like this… 

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