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Best. Hair. Ever.

Can you believe all the hair this little man from today has?
I’m uploading the photos onto the computer and had to grab this one to share with everyone.
It cracks me up – his hair is longer than my 10 month old’s!
Thanks for a great afternoon today guys, I had lots of fun.

On a completely different note, Fresh Sugar is having a policy change. Effective immediately, galleries are online for 1 week after posting. An extension of 3 days can be provided under extenuating circumstances. After that time, all gallery images will be archived OFF my main computer, and will require an archiving fee of $50 to be paid to repost the gallery for 3 more days.

I have several galleries tying up valuable space on my computer right now, and with my recent crash, I don’t want to hog unnecessary resources. I want to keep things as streamlined as possible, and help everyone through the ordering process.
Please send me an email if you have any questions. Thanks!

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