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Back From Kelowna

Whew! We made it back! We had a great time in Kelowna (or Westbank, more accurately) but I think I need a vacation from my vacation! Good thing I have a girl’s trip to Vegas next month, lol!

I thought I’d share a few highlights from our trip before getting back to work. Tomorrow everything starts again, so all your questions/orders/galleries will be taken care of. 🙂 Tonight it’s some pizza, and some vegging.

I’ll start with the photo that makes me laugh the most, and it’s my husband Dave on the kid’s playground in Kelowna. We went down to the lake to see the Dragon Boat races, but ended up at the wrong park. So of course we had to play before leaving!

We went to the Mission Hill winery one afternoon. We ate lunch at their outdoor restaurant with spectacular views.
Since I could not for the life of me figure out the menu, I had a salad and Dave had a pulled pork sandwich which of course was to die for. The wine was Merlot.

After lunch we went on the tour and tasting which was pretty fun, even though I’m not a huge wine fan.

We also spent some time at the pool and the beach. We heard it snowed in Calgary while we were gone. Brrr!

Charlotte fell asleep in the pool:

It was a great trip though, and it was really nice to try to recharge creatively.

And here’s the whole family the morning before we left. Wouldn’t you know that 20 minutes into the drive home Emma throws up all over herself in her carseat, and has been sick ever since. At least we’re home now. 🙂

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