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August means better.

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I have a short blog post to hopefully explain my SUPER long absence from the blog and email!

I went to upstate New York for two weeks in July for my beautiful, person-i-tell-everything-to, talented friend Amanda. I was able to spend some amazing quality time with some of my closest friends, making it one of my best without-kids vacations ever.

What wasn’t so great was that just before I left, I managed to smack my head on a coffee table and wind up with a concussion. You are all thinking correctly – it was alcohol induced. I wish I could say it was something cool like flaming samabuca shots or at least Jager, but it was Coor’s Light. Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame.

So after returning home, I realized that I wasn’t getting any emails. Then I realized that my entire website was down. This is all while I had explicit instructions from my doctor to remain off the computer and not do any complicated mental tasks. So I tried to leave it for a day. Which then led to the weekend, where I found out they were closed. Sigh. But it’s worked out now and everything is back up and running, and my head is feeling better every day!

If you’ve emailed me between July 26th and 30th, your email never got to me. Please, please email me again and accept my apologies.
If you are waiting for a return phone call, I am getting through them slowly but surely. Thank you so much for your patience.


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