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All Your Great Things

I had such a great response to the One Great Thing – I’d love to share them all, but really only have the room for a few here.
EVERYONE who emailed will be getting a $50 credit to Fresh Sugar, so keep your eyes on your inbox for that!
Thank you so much everyone who wrote. I absolutely loved reading them, they were all so beautiful!

Celine writes:

Cody’s almost always got his sense of humour in the “on position”… doesn’t matter how mundane a chore may be, if Cody’s helping me with it, he’ll say or do something that makes me laugh. He’s very good at reminding me that life is too serious and we all need to laugh to keep our perspective. He’s one of the coolest people I know.
Jared’s has to be one of the best “huggers” in the world!! I know once upon a time (wayyy too long ago), I was the one who gave him security and comfort with a hug… but these days, it’s Jared who conveys that security and sincerity in his hugs… and he’s not “too cool” to hug me in front of his friends either. Neither of my boys ever really went through that “Geez mom, not in front of my friends” faze… thanks goodness!!!

Jessica says:

Andrew is 6 and loves reading. I love to catch him up late at night reading – he is so proud that he can read chapter books from beginning to end!
Ben is 3 and is resilient! He will start laughing if he gets hurt and say ‘dat’s so funny!’ and if I get mad at him and apologize he immediately forgives me.
Will is 10 months and is so happy! He is so good natured even when he is sick. I find it so cute that he is always trying to get to the other side of the baby gate when one of us go through it – he is right there waiting for a chance to escape!

From Pamela:

When I come home from work and see my daughter Abbey, it is like taking a breath of fresh air. She always makes things seem so simple and she sees good in everything and everyone. She is definitely my saving grace!

Danielle writes:

It is so cool how Kai loves knock-knock jokes and can’t quite figure out how to tell them but it doesn’t stop him from laughing hysterically at himself. I also love how he surprises me with how much he loves his sister and thinks about her all the time. He wants to hug and kiss her and always wants to find things that will make her smile and laugh. He is so smart and insightful it scares me sometimes.

I love how Bella is so sneaky and naughty, she really is soooo bad and always into everything. When she gets caught she just looks up with her big blue eyes and bats her eyelashes. I don’t know where she got it from! I also love how she walks around singing in her sweet chirpy voice. She is so happy, so endearing and so loving.

And Jen says:

Although it may seem small, my 7 year old son Aidan never forgets to kiss his unborn baby sister goodbye before he leaves for school and goodnight before bed. He talks to her and calls her by her name. She responds to him with small kicks and I know that he’ll make the best big brother to his new sister.

And because I can’t seem to post without a photo, Emma had her preschool graduation on Wednesday, and I’ll just say how proud I am of her, she loves school and can’t wait until Kindergarden.

Emma and her certificate:


Me and the girls:

Me and the girls

Emma and her favorite teacher:

Emma and her favorite teacher

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  • Marie - How fun!

  • allie - How fun! Love this! You and your girls are DARLING!! 🙂

  • Leah Profancik - What a great idea!!!

  • Danna - awwww….these stories bring a tears to my eyes ♥

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