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Advent Calendars

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‘Tis the season for advent calendars – and there are SO many cool ones out right now! I’ve seen toys, colouring, homemade, presents, candy, the works! We each have our own advent calendars here (actually, I just realized everyone has TWO except me, hmmmmm) and we love love love them!

This year my wonderful mother bought me the winner of all things advent, hands down. It’s a beauty advent calendar by Benefit and every morning I am so excited to open a window! (I got mascara this morning. MASCARA!) I snooped around for you (sorry Mom) and found it at Sephora. It’s soooo worth it – I am madly in love with it. Probably why I only need ONE calendar, unlike some people.

Benefit Advent Calendar at Sephora

Josh’s calendars are pretty cool too, if I say so myself. Which I will, because I bought them. He got two different beer advent calendars – one is all Canadian beer and the other all international. He is pretty excited every morning to open the two windows and see what he gets to put in the fridge to drink later that evening.

Phillips Brewing Snowcase Calendar

Craft BeerAdvent Calendar

beer advent calendarPin Itbeer advent calendarPin It

The girls got super lucky this year and got chocolate advent calendars from both Josh’s parents and Dave’s – so they get to get hopped up on sugar twice a day!

I think that next year I might try out this absolutely gorgeous DIY calendar. Or I might get a beer advent calendar for myself instead.

NAPCP’s Mini Tree Advent Calendar

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