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A Week in Their Kitchen

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I was asked to participate this year in a blogging project called A Week in Their Kitchen.

The whole fam is spending the next week living off an emergency food hamper from the Calgary Inter Faith Food Bank. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but am excited and scared all at once.

Here’s the gist of the project:

“A Week In Their Kitchen is a week-long challenge that will see various members of Calgary’s media and public eating exclusively on the contents of an Emergency Food Hamper throughout Husky Help the Hungry week (Monday, May 30 until Sunday, June 5, 2011). The purpose of A Week In Their Kitchen is to educate the public about what the Food Bank provides in their hampers, to share learning experiences that the participants encounter as they progress through the week, and to promote open dialogue in the community about the issues surrounding accessing the Food Bank, such as poverty, underemployment, and rising costs of living.”

I’ve already posted my first blog post: Brandy’s Day 1 Blog Post

What I haven’t talked about there is how badly I feel for taking so much food away from a family who actually needs it. So we’ve decided as a family to donate our weekly grocery spending ($200) as well as all the money we’d spend on eating out ($200). That’s $400, and we hope to raise at least $1000. For every dollar donated, the food bank can distribute $4 worth of food, so $1000 would be like $4000 to them. If you’d like to donate – you can send me an email or just do it online on the Food Bank’s website here: Calgary Inter Faith Food Bank
I’ll also be collecting non-perishable food items to donate, so please email me at if you would like to contribute!

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  • Nancy - this is inspiring. we should all take a minute, hour, week, or whatever we can to take a step back and truly value what we have and see how we can share and/or empathize…you never do know when you might need a helping hand. fabulous, brandy…and good luck!

  • Danna - so awesome! looks like lots of yummy food too..what a great challenge for your whole family to do together.

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