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A Week In Their Kitchen – Day Five

No pictures today, I had a session this morning and skipped breakfast I’m afraid. Dave and the girls had cereal.
For lunch we all had soup, and then Emma had a birthday party this afternoon. I told her she could have whatever she wanted, I said before that I’m not out to punish the girls but to give them insight into what a week on a food hamper is like. She had pizza while there but not cake. Interesting.

For some reason, we just don’t have the energy to plan a big meal tonight. What I’d really love to do is order a pizza, have a beer and watch the hockey game, but of course that’s not possible. So we’re having Kraft Dinner because it was the easiest thing in the hamper to make. That’s another thing I’ve noticed – there are no easy shortcuts when preparing meals from an emergency food hamper. Thought and preparation needs to happen to create balanced meals for your family. When you add the stress of having financial problems, it seems like it would be extremely hard to be able to do it all. What amazing strength and tenacity those using the Food Bank must have.

I have a fundraiser and silent auction that I’m attending tonight. My ticket included a free drink, which I’m giving to my friend that’s going with me. The pub it’s being held at is within walking distance from our houses, and when I bought the tickets I was thinking it would be great – we could have a few cocktails and then walk home! I’ve been shocked this week at how many of my social interactions revolve around food or beverages.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how much my emotions are tied to food. I’m a happy eater. When something good happens or when I am feeling good, I like to increase my happiness quotient with my happy food and drink. If I was experiencing financial hardships, I wouldn’t even have delicious food and drink to help with my mood. I’d have to find other ways to feel happy. Maybe even exercise. Yikes!!!!

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