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25 Random and Irrational Things That I’m Scared Of

In no particular order:

1. Rats
2. A plane falling on my house
3. Being killed by the Tooth Fairy from the movie Red Dragon
4. Pigeons
5. Outer Space
6. When someone says ‘Candyman’
7. Latin
8. Flying
9. 3AM
10. When my iPhone battery gets the 20% warning
11. Getting caught in a subway/train/bus door
12. Merging onto Deerfoot Trail
13. Getting my head cut off on Space Mountain
14. Keifer Sutherland’s voice
15. Looking in the mirror in the dark and thinking the words Bloody Mary
16. Rabbits
17. The phone
18. Drinking the last Coke Zero
19. Chiropractors
20. Alligators and crocodiles
21. Falling
22. Watching people ride bikes
23. The girl from The Ring coming out of my tv
24. Someone behind me as I walk up the basement stairs
25. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett breaking up

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  • Tanzyn - Ohhh I have so many of the same fears as you!! lol

  • Sarah Vaughan Psofimis - I love number 25! And maaaaybe you shouldn’t watch scary movies anymore. 🙂

  • Tina Vacca-Green - someone throwing a spider in the shower,while I’m in having a shower!!!!!!!

  • Celine Arseneault - lets get real, Brandy… number 4 should be ammended to read “all birds” ::::) and number 24… I have that one too.. but for me it’s a loooong hand trying to grab me as I go up stairs from the basement… that’s been with me since early childhood… never left me… yikes!

  • Monique Schluff Soboren - Did you read The Birds?! By, and the name escapes me, but it was made into a scary movie by Hitchcock.

  • Brandy Anderson - Monique Schluff Soboren It was just on tv the other night! I remember being scared of it when I was younger but just found it hilarious now!

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