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2008 Favorite Things

I was reflecting the other day on purchases I have made this past year, and what have been my favorites. I thought it would be fun to make a list to help some of you out with your holiday gift lists!

First off was my Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. It was a beautiful trip, and what even made it better was going with some amazing fellow photographers and great friends. The cruise line was great, everyone was so helpful and nice, and the food was wonderful. Of course the ports of call were absolutely gorgeous, especially their own private island Coco Cay.

royal caribbean cruisePin It,

I am a bit of a sunglass addict, much to my husband’s chagrin. Not only does he not understand how I can spend so much on a pair of sunglasses, he also doesn’t understand why I need more than one pair, or why I need to buy several pairs a year. My favorite pair bought in 2008 are my purple Prada lenses.
Of course I can’t find a single photo of them on the internet anywhere, but here they are on my head:

My favorite video game purchase this year was definitely WiiFit, the whole family enjoys it and playing it over the summer got me down a size in jeans. No lie!

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Speaking of jeans, the pair of jeans I got this year that I get the most compliments are True Religion’s Disco Joey. They are super comfy too!

disco joeyPin It

Shoes? My favorite pair is my most recent purchase:

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New favorite perfume:

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Emma’s favorite toy of the year:

Charlotte’s fave:

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And for the photogs reading, my best work-related purchase this year was my Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8. loooove it!

So those are some of my best purchases this year! Stay tuned tomorrow for some of my wants for 2009!

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  • Jim Larkin - Are you having any focusing issues with this? Mine is back focusing a bit. Enough that I may send it back to Nikon. I love it, I just wish it was spot on all the time. I find myself using my cheap 50 more than this because of the focus. Hmmmm…….now I’m getting ticked again. Dang it.

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