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10 on 10 – Her First Date

I just cannot believe this day has come. Emma will be 11 next week, and she was asked on her first date by the sweetest boy. She’s known him since the second grade and he’s always just been the kindest, coolest, most respectful boy. I don’t know if I would have said she could go if it was anyone else who asked. That being said, I do remember my first “date” and I was in fifth or sixth grade. We went to see the movie Ladyhawke, lol.

Emma is a pretty casual kid, she prefers comfy clothes and ponytails. She allowed me to get her a new outfit, (from Triple Flip of course) and even let me do her nails. I was in heaven, and so was Charlotte. We were running around helping her get ready like mice from Cinderella.

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She was a bit nervous waiting for the doorbell to ring. Btw, the polish is Nails Inc Gel Effect from Sephora, and it is AMAZING. I have it in every colour they make!
nails inc gel effect nail polishPin It

Her whole outfit was new, but what really gets me is that her jacket and shoes are LADIES size! Where is the time going?
emma's first date calgary child photographyPin It

It was so great that he took her to the musical that her school was putting on. She tried out and didn’t make it, and it’s been hard for her this year to see her friends go to rehearsal. This date made things a lot better.
grease ticketPin It

Her sister helped pack her purse. iPod, money and ticket! (Logan paid for the ticket AND dinner beforehand)
charlotte helpingPin It

Nervous, but ready to go!
emma - child photographyPin It

emma - calgary child photographyPin It

The doorbell rang, and there he stood. WITH FLOWERS! You guys, my heart just about stopped. She looked pretty pleased too.
emma and her flowersPin It

The cutest couple ever. HE WORE A TIE! At this point, I was pretty much dead from all the cuteness.
cutest couplePin It

She has her flowers in her room now, where she can look at them all the time.
emma's first date flowersPin Itemma's first date flowersPin Itemma's first date flowersPin It

I’m so thrilled that her first date was so special and sweet. Now that it’s done, I think she can wait a few more years for her next one.

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  • Sarah - Omg! That actually made me a bit teary! So nice that she will always have these images to remember her first date by.

  • Robyn Russell - Seriously, this just got to me. She looked so happy. I remember my first date. I can’t imagine what it felt like but you’re a good mama for documenting it. I really loved this 10 on 10 Brandy, it’s one to cherish and remember always!

  • Jessica swanson - This is so very precious!!

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